Today marks the start of DC Comics’ 75 years of Batman.

For my followers, old and new, this is a BIG deal for me. Like, a major landmark in my life.

I was an only child for most of my life. My dad desperately wanted a boy as his first child, instead he was conflicted on how to show me his hobbies while trying to keep me from being teased. He showed me muscle cars, ATV’s, and of course, Batman. His favorite Super Hero. He read to me his comics from Mexico that are in Spanish. He always liked seeing me smile as he read to me about the Caped Crusader. As I grew a bit older, my dad started buying me Batman toys and clothes. When they released the Batmobile Power Wheels car, I asked for one. Everywhere he went, they were sold out. One of my most treasured memories is my dad going to Toys ‘R’ Us, buying a Barbie Corvette, and taking it to his friend’s house so he could paint it black and add the Batman emblem on it. My dad went out of his way to make me a Batmobile! 

I was constantly bullied by my girl cousins because I didn’t have any siblings. My boy cousins would always stick up for me, they included me in their games and they let me know that girls can play with toys for boys and vice versa. They all had super hero toys, but they made sure to let me pick Batman as my character. They made me feel comfortable and safe. I didn’t have to be in constant fear of being ashamed of wanting to play with the Batman action figure along with my Barbies. I am super happy to say that I still have some of my original toys from my childhood, most being from the Animated Series.

*sigh* The Animated Series. There is so much I can tell you about it. That series was the reason why I woke up super early on Saturdays or why I would hurry to finish my homework to watch it before dinner. How I fell in love with Mark Hamill as the Joker. How I can always hear Kevin Conroy whenever I read my Batman comics. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini are my heroes for so many reasons! They created Harley Quinn. The Joker’s girlfriend.She helped me so much. As I got older and watched reruns, I remember seeing her and being able to relate to her with some of my relationships. She helped me overcome my abusive relationship, and to look at the positives in life. That people always deserve a second shot at life. When I look back and watch TAS now, I always find little things in the episode that make me smile. I remember the emotions I had when I first watched an episode premiere. And when Batman Beyond was introduced, I almost lost it. A NEW Batman? In the future? With science and advanced technology? I was in disbelief but as the episodes premiered, I began to fall in love all over again. 

My goodness, the movies. I can’t forget the movies. I believed they were real. I was convinced I could fall in love with Bruce Wayne, especially as Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer. I’ll admit, I ENJOYED Joe Schumacher’s Batman Forever. Batman and Robin, I couldn’t get over The Terminator being Mr. Freeze but I LOVED the costumes for Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy. That movie was just SILLY. I HONESTLY, did not care much for the reboot of Batman Begins when it first came out in theaters, even on DVD. I watched it and was indifferent. It wasn’t until I heard Heath Ledger from Lords of Dogtown was going to be Joker. I was excited! God rest his soul for taking on such a broken and demented figure. The last of the Nolanverse installment was ok. I still don’t like Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman/Selina Kyle. I still picture her doing the stupid cry/scream face in the bar. It was just obnoxious to me. Anyway…

I’ve already mentioned how Batman was introduced to me by my dad. But I also did the same for my youngest brother. Since we have a 15 year age gap, I helped my mom raise him. I bought him clothes and toys whenever I could. I wanted to push Batman onto him but it was almost like a second nature when he was little that he started asking for him. He is my little pride and joy. He naturally loved Batman. My dad and I couldn’t have been more proud of him. I’m always educating him on something new about him. I’ve had him watch the any variation of Batman, his favorite being Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

I always dreamed of dating Bruce Wayne. Sadly, he is just a fictional character. I did, however, meet my boyfriend Jesse, because of Batman. Our story is cheesy. He finds my profile, looks it over and sees Batman. He asks me which Batman I like, movies or comics. I began to tell him all I knew from my dad’s teaching and the shows/movies. I have on several occasions educated him on The Dark Knight. I owe my relationship to Batman. It’s just amazing how many things I have in common with Jesse but Batman has made our relationship last. We constantly learn new things about each other and help each other grow and it always leads back to him. I love that my Puddin’ @the-g0d-damn-bat is a fellow Bat enthusiast. 

I can’t forget to mention my favorite artist, duss005. Now, I wouldn’t be friends with this amazing person if it wasn’t for Batman! His chibi Batman, his Gates of Gotham Batman, his Hush Batman. All the watercolors. *sigh* Dustin Nguyen’s artwork has impressed me like no other. I constantly find something new in his pieces that leave me in awe. Whether its just a quick sketch or a full blown painting. Add in Derek Fridolfs and you have the artistic Dynamic Duo! These sweet guys have a gift. I know there are many wonderful artists out there but it’s something about their team-up that pulls at my heart strings and has me begging for more!

This is only a tiny glimpse of how much Batman means to me! He’s my hero. He’s the love of my life. He’s the reason I am me. And I can’t wait to celebrate the rest of this year with DC Comics.

Happy 75th Anniversary, Batman. I love you, forever.

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